Nou... Dat wordt krabben

R.I.P. Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream founder

Calibrating.... Gotta love analogue synths ;)

What inspires you?


@Kutski did you enjoy the Royal Rumble? I've just finished the TripleThreat match and loved it! :) about 1h to go so no spoilers please ;) 👊

@Kutski haha Nice pic

Nou... Dat wordt krabben http://t.co/grSxvKLiuj

R.I.P. Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream founder http://t.co/VxO6ZV9ISE

Calibrating.... Gotta love analogue synths ;) http://t.co/MqJXw9FCEY

@Kutski still got some classic figs here in the studio ;) http://t.co/nYGQMYZFkM

@Kutski I totally agree. I used to watch WWF on a daily basis in the 90s but now only 1 RAW and special events like this Sunday

@Kutski btw what do you think about the Cena - Authority storyline so far?

#FactFriday besides hardstyle I produce techno/progressive : http://t.co/eLwATDdHls and run http://t.co/4kvtQpVJEc @Scantraxx @HardNewsNL

@Kutski nope..still download the episodes (sssst...)

Who's folllowing #NAMM2015? My highlights: @UAudio Apollo Expanded, @solidstatelogic VHD 500,@WarmAudio EQP-WA,@Heritageaudio MCM-8...

#NAMM2015 !! :)

What inspires you? http://t.co/5h7MFw7YFE

The return of the @moogmusicinc Modular :) http://t.co/ZofOGygiu8 #NAMM

I'm not going outside until.. http://t.co/6CkMcbLkGC


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