18 YEARS OF MUSIC - YEAR 16 : 2011

I really enjoyed my time at Hardcopy Records, reunited with some old friends (Deepack) and made a lot of new ones like Dj Desnar, Stereotuners, Kevin Kaos, Josh & Wesz and Distractor.
They all helped in their own way to launch the Artic brand to a broader audience.

In the beginning of 2011 Hardcopy Records hosted their own area at b2s Euphoria in the 013 venue in Tilburg. This party was sold out and we all played together as a team. You can watch the offical aftermovie here: http://youtu.be/QuR9jqCjzvs

Hardcopy Records released 6 Artic tracks this year, divided in 2 EP's, the first one was called "Unlock It", containing 2 tracks:

Unlock It:

The Power:

The other EP was called " F#ck The Fake Shit" and it contained 4 tracks:

F#ck The Fake Shit:



This Kind Of Music:

My track "F#ck The Fake Shit" really gave my career a boost. I received a lot of positive reactions and the track was played by all major players in the Hardstyle scene. Here's a short video from Deepack's performance at Defqon.1 2011, playing F#ck The Fake Shit:

I even received a Tweet from A² Records producer/DJ Dj Adaro, telling me he really loved the track and he played it almost in every set. I immediately replied to thank him and asked him if he was interested in doing an offical remix. Unfortunately he was to busy at the moment and told me he would think about it...

The Story Continues on Thursday the 31th of July...

18 YEARS OF MUSIC - YEAR 15 : 2010

In the beginning of 2010 I started a new project called "Mindstate", combining hardtrance with hardstyle and did some performances using that alias.
After a couple of months I decided to fully concentrate on my solo career, sharpened my sound and gave birth to a more dark and rough edged view on hardstyle music which was recognized by Deepack who immediately signed me for the well-respected Hardcopy Records label.

To give my music career a new impulse, I decided, in consultation with Deepack, to change my name to Artic. "Parallel Universe" was my first release using this new alias. It contained 3 tracks:

Parallel Universe:

Stage 3:


In this same year Hardcopy Records released an other Artic EP called "My New World", referring to my new alias and label. This EP also contained 3 tracks:

My New World



After several releases on Hardcopy Records Q-dance invited me back to Defqon.1 festival, were I played in the Purple area together with Waverider, Atmozfears, Frequencerz, Bioweapon, The Vision, Titan and many more. Here's a short video of my performance at Deqon.1 2010: http://youtu.be/XmKr2enUEaU

The Story Continues on Monday the 28th of July...

The Warriors are back in the studio! #wearethewarriors

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