8 days to go! #hemqade

Need some help with mixing or mastering?
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Need some help with mixing or mastering? (please share)

Mixing is just as creative as it is technical, and involves being able to listen in a certain way and come up with creative ways to not only make things sound good, but to also enhance the mix and take it to the next level.

I've been active in the music industry for close to two decades and besides making my own music I love to help other producers with mixing and mastering duties.

A good mix will not only make a song sound better, but can highlight dynamics and emotions and really bring a song to life.

Do you need professional mixing or mastering?
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Q-dance Presents: The Magic Show | Week 48 2014:

01. Artic - F#ck The Fake Shit (Thrillogy 2013 early edit Mash-up)
02. Noisecontrollers - The Source Code Of Creation (Qlimax Anthem 2014)
03. Artic - Ghosts
04. Cherrymoon Traxx - Acid Dream (The Prophet Remix))(XPN Edit)
05. Desnar Ft. Mc I See - Collide
06. Flux Pavilion - Exostomp (Tartaros Bootleg)
07. Psyko Punkz - Bassboom
08. Artic & Desnar ft.Xaline - Go Down
09. Chain Reaction - Record Breaking Vs Ruthless - Givin It All (The Anarchist Mashup)
10. DJ Adaro - My Soul To Take
11. Of Verona - Zero Gravity (B-Front Remix)
12. Tartaros & Submotion - Hurricane
13. E-Force & Frequencerz- Men Of Steel
14. Hard Driver & Radical Redemption - United From The Start
15. A-lusion - Sloopwerk
16. Blackwatch & Regain - My Existence
17. Ran-D - I am Legion
18. The Prophet - Kikkdrum
19. The Anarchist - Waiting 4
20. Warface & Crypsis - Meridian
21. Angerfist - From The Blackness

Q-dance Presents: The Magic Show | Week 48 2014

The Magic Show is the international hardstyle show presented by Dance-Tunes and Q-dance Radio. 16 Massive residents and a weekly guest mix by the best international hardstyle DJs. Tracklist: Nexone


8 days to go! #hemqade http://t.co/k41znVYrLE

@DJPromo @UAudio same here..

Need some help with mixing or mastering? (please RT) @Scantraxx @MYDBookings https://t.co/p4rzb7AbkX http://t.co/xGYVyfEsjc

Need some help with mixing or mastering? (please RT) @Scantraxx @MYDBookings https://t.co/mkHQuWYaJR http://t.co/bXMFmX15MI

@djCatscan :)

Silence... http://t.co/Vsx6wvW6Of

Missed my set last monday? Check out my @Q_dance @TheMagicShow set here: https://t.co/WcPzHHMwly @Scantraxx

@djCatscan could you upload a short "unprocessed" and "processed" audio file? or do you have to mix into the Sigma from the start?

@djCatscan @L0WROLLER :) somehow I cant watch your vid? http://t.co/mz1T1McX1o

@djCatscan @L0WROLLER great!!! I've been watching the product page for quite a while ;) Does the "drive"sound like advertised?

@djCatscan Mogguh 👊 en? 😉

RT @mcrencpt: I miss yo mtv raps, they need that back.

Check out my latest set q_dance radio The Magic Show here! Enjoy… http://t.co/De5dZW9dPL

Track of the Day :) #aintnothingtofu http://t.co/GKlHd5XAOG

The real female DJ of the year 2014 http://t.co/HYH9sLkpVF


Artic  - French Toast

Artic - Unconceivable

Artic - I A.M. Eternal